A little bit about me

My name is Daniel Tran (my last name is Tran, not Trant). I only put my middle initial after my last name so people can find me easier on social media because there are a lot of Daniel Tran’s on social media LOL. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I went to high school in the Spring-Klein area so I’ve lived up from the Spring-Klein area all the way down to south of Houston, and have been in Houston for over 40+ years, so I know the ins & outs of the greater Houston area. I am bilingual in English and Vietnamese.

I am a University of Houston Alumni with a bachelor of science in Business Administration in Finance & graduated in the top 5% of my class. I’ve worked in the food and beverage service industry, the oil & gas industry, and the finance sector and have learned a lot of different skills between all 3 different industries to use in my career in Real Estate now. In my free time, I like to go fishing, spend the day at the beach, and spend time doing things outdoors with the family. I like attending parks, going on hikes, and spending quality time with my family at a new restaurant or eatery. I love trying new foods and new restaurants all over town. I have a wife 2 daughters and 2 dogs that I love and adore. I’m somewhat of a sports fan and like the Houston Astros, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Houston Texans & the Houston Rockets.