Unmasking SCARY MYTHS About Today’s Housing Market

Here are a few myths causing fear in today’s real estate market and what you really need to know.

  • Myth: If I have student loan debt, I can’t buy a home.
  • Fact: “. . . buying a home with student loans is possible, experts say. The proof is in the numbers, too: Some 40 percent of first-time homebuyers have student loan debt, according to the NAR study. –Apartment Therapy


  • Myth: Home prices were going to crash in 2023.
  • Fact: The data proves, that nationally, home prices are not crashing. They’re actually rising again after only a slight dip.
  • Myth: I have to put 20% down when I buy a home.
  • Fact: You usually don’t have to save 20% for a down payment, unless specified by your loan type or lender. According to NAR, the median down payment is lower than that.

If you have other fears or reservations about buying a home today, connect with us so you have an expert to help clear those up. Aurhomes Group is always ready to guide you all throughout your journey!